Proposed Phase III, 2007
A single-sided 8.5x11" map showing proposed trail alignment through the historic industrial corridor and McConnell houses.

Town Branch Phase III
1.5m pdf


Town Branch Trail Guide
This double-side 11" x 17" document was printed for our 2002 Annual Progress Report. It contains a narrative discussing the benefits of Town Branch Trail and descriptions of significant Landmarks along trail.

Town Branch Trail Guide
1.6m pdf


Our Trail Plan
We offer the trail plan in numerous formats for on-screen viewing and printing.

Detailed Trail Alignment Map
A fine-detail color map for print
1.2m color jpg image
1.5m pdf
m complete map pdf
Flash™ map browser

Summary of Trail Alignment
The map from our newsletter viewable without plug-ins.
250k b&w jpg image

A Photograpic Tour of the Trail
A photo gallery of destinations from complete trail plan pdf

Newtown Pike Extended
and the Civic Center: a simple proposal for development
200k color jpg image
500k large jpg image

Trail Corridor Summary
from our Winter 2002 Newsletter
900k printable pdf file

•Help us create our 3D Map
This is a draft visualization. If you would like to make this map better, then contact Boyd at

Large Graphic
( .jpg image: 450k)

Small Graphic
( .jpg image: 150k)

*Yellow is Trail, Blue is Water, Pink is Railroad, and Black is Road.

• Locate Town Branch Creek easily on this regional map of the Central Bluegrass.
(GIF 40K)

• Our first detailed map, 2000.
(JPEG: 200K, 500K)

• Town Branch flows into the South Elkhorn and then meets the Kentucky River at Frankfort. (GIF: 70K)
•Historic Maps of Lexington
• 1871 Bird's Eye View of Lexington (1.5M PDF)
• 1833 Map of Lexington (300K PDF)
• 1855 Map of Lexington (300K PDF)

• 1886 Sanborn Maps of Lexington (300k each)
Williard-Manchester-Cox Streets
Merino-Broadway-Short-High Streets

• 1771 Filson Map of Kentucky (350K PDF)
• 1775 British America (1.5M PDF)